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Sunday, December 20, 2009

And it just keeps getting better!

Hubby is now at the ER…

After working on his truck all day to find he couldn’t fix the problem, he had it towed to the mechanic. Can’t wait to find out how much that is going to cost. So we are down to one car for who knows how long. FUN. Then he had to work on the pond because the small pump that keeps the fish alive quit and with the frigid cold temps we’ve been having the fish would not survive. Then on to the generator hook up since a Nor’easter was on the way and if he had to leave us with no car I at least wanted to know we’d have power and heat! Oh and throw in turning our kitchen into a pen for the dog, including carpeting it and building a fenced in area for her for the next 3 months!

So you’d think that was enough work for one day right? Nope, he decides to go next door to help one of the neighbor’s kids with the snowmobile he bought to get it running in light of the earlier mentioned snowstorm. Well once they got it running he decides to take it for a quick ride to make sure it sounds good and what does he do, he hits a fire pit that is covered in snow! Off the snowmobile he goes, hits a rock with his head and he thinks something is broken in his leg/hip area. He can’t walk. He doesn’t want to scare the teenager he is helping so he hobbles home with a huge lump on his head, messed up vision and major pain in his leg and tells me he needs to go to the ER. I tell  him let me call a neighbor because I can’t leave the dog. He and all his stubbornness says nope, he’s just going to shower, take some Advil and go to bed.

Well needless to say that didn’t go well. I slept on the kitchen floor with the dog and heard him get up a few times during the night. He finally came down at 5 and said he was going to the hospital. Now that the snow has started and he can’t even get a pair of pants on.

So to all of you that commented yesterday, thank you for your good thoughts and if you could keep them coming, I think I’ll really need them as you may be getting an update from Jake saying the men in the white coats came and took me away if something else happens!

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Chris said...

Holy Shit and Merry Christmas to you. I sure do wish I were closer to lend a hand, a hug and lots of moral support. Let's see, if things happen 3's you should be done: Sadie, Michael's truck and his head. Keep you chin up. I'll call you.