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Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Plans?

So this summer we are not going on vacation for the first time since like 1990. Mom and I started going away to the beach in 1990 and have done it every year since except for the year we went to Disney. It’s going to be so strange and very sad. No vacation time for me so I’ll be working all summer. Josh will be going to Daycare which is sort of like day camp as they go on field trips and do fun stuff and Jake will be at home for the most part. He is going away to overnight Boys Camp for a week and I’m a bit freaked about that but I know he will love it. Baseball and Soccer end June 20th and after that at least my weekends will be free and maybe we can do a weekend trip to the beach or something. It’s going to be a very boring summer for me!

What are your plans for the summer, let me live vicariously through you?


Jodene said...

well sadly we are just saying goodbye to our summer :( and of couse we move into a house with a pool in three weeks - just in time for winter! lol Oh well, I can get all the house in order over the colder months and enjoy summer outside!
Enjoy all that extra scrapping time when you get your weekends free again.

donnapiranha said...

Are you kidding? A vacation? I have no idea what that is! I think the last time I took a real vacation was about the time you STARTED going with your mom to the beach. It sucks. I'm sorry you're not getting to do that. It would be fun.

Amy said...

I would like my Summer plans to include coming to see you!!!

Sorry you aren't getting to go to the beach this year!

Hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful week.

Chris said...

You might not get to the beach, but you will get to see ME! In just under two weeks. Woohoo!!! I arrive at night on the 13th and leave early AM on the 22nd. We're having a big bash on Saturday, the 20th, please plan to come and bring EVERYONE! Yes, even Michael. He'll fit right in and have fun, and if nothing else, he can watch (referee) the boys while you and I catch up and hang out.