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Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Musings

Can you even believe it’s the 22nd of May and this weekend is Memorial Day weekend? Where the heck did the time go? It seems like we just celebrated the new year and now we are almost half way through it?  May has been a busy month with soccer and baseball twice a week, as well as Physical Therapy which I just finished up. Then there was Mother’s Day and of course some Orthodontist appointments and teeth cleaning for good measure! I also got bit by a deer tick and we thought the head was still in my belly button so had to go to the doc and get a dose of Doxicycline (sp) to hopefully prevent Lyme Disease. And now I get the joy of watching for symptoms for the next year! Work has been very busy too so I can kind of understand why the time has just flew on by. I’d like for it to slow down now though so I can enjoy the summer!

Have a great long weekend and remember to say a word of thanks and prayer to all the veteran’s and soldiers out there!


Chris said...

Travel dates: arrive June 13 at night, depart June 22 in the early am. I can't wait!!

donnapiranha said...

I know what you mean about time flying by. I'm glad you found that tick and hopefully you'll be fine!