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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mother's Day Poem

for me from my sweet 10 year old boy. I almost bawled like a baby but I figured it would make him think I didn't like it! LOL!

My mother is a good cook.
She is also nice and smart.
But when she is a parent,
She always does her part!

She works a lot and has a job.
It's secret though and I can't say more,
But it is enough
To get food in our door!

She likes to scrapbook,
And shes good with art.
She uses our pictures,
To get her pages a start.

She likes to keep everything,
All neat and tidy.
She cleans inside,
So our house looks shiny!

I know shes not always happy,
About what I do.
But I sill love her
And she loves me too!

Happy Mother's Day
Love Josh


Melinda said...

sweet...hope your day was great

Chris said...

Awww, what a sweet poem. Give your guy a big hug from me and tell him I really liked his poem! (do not tell him I used the "sweet" word).

Oh, btw, I'll be in NH in about a month. Kayla graduates on the 18th and Matt and I will be there a few days before and after. Hope you're available!

Karen said...

Oh so sweet! What a cutie. :-)