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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Real Blog Post

Yep, you read that right, I'm actually going to blog today instead of just post a quiz! It's been awhile I'll admit. And I've got my reasons. I've been back to work for 6 weeks now. After being laid off for 5 months it was a tough transition for sure. You'd think I never worked it's been so hard! But in my defense, the commute is an hour each way (one day it took me an hour and a half). I am leaving my house at o'dark thirty (actually 5:45am)! And it's sooo boring! I am not liking the job at all, it's not very hands on for me, it's a lot of meetings, reading crap and writing documents. So not fun. Plus I can't get anywhere on the internet but google! So all my blogging buds, I am only reading your blogs via google reader which means I can't see your awesome photos OR comment. Stinks! It makes for a very long day. But enough complaining, it's a paycheck and that's what I need most.

On top of work, Jake is playing fall ball with games on Saturday and Sunday! That pretty much take
s up all my free time. Needless to say my house is suffering. I need a cleaning lady, anyone know a good one? I'm trying to keep my head afloat with all my digital assignments too. I fear I may have to leave some of them but I love them all so I'm not sure how to do that! But it's not fair to the awesome designers for me not to give them 100%.
Speaking of digi, here are a few pages I've done recently:

Credits here
Yes I put that wake board there on purpose!

Credits Here

Credits Here

And now I have to go get ready for a 9am baseball game. Have a fantastic weekend!


Jheri said...

Oh Pam, that layout is great.. an you .. you're too hard on your self re: the wakeboard. We're not 16 anymore.. we're suppose to look like we look. :)

Sorry your jobs so chitty... jobs are like that. :(

September said...

Love love love the layouts. Hang in there on the job, something will work out.... I love the wakeboard. LOL I'd need a larger one these days! hee



Jodene said...

Nice to see you blogging :) Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying your job too much, but hang in there and I'm sure something better will come along. Probably when you're least expecting it!
LOVE the layouts! And beach babe is right - you look great! You are too hard on yourself.

Karen said...

Hey there! So glad to get a "real" post from you. Sounds like you're waaayyy too busy. :-) Sorry about the job. I wish it was more interesting. On the other hand I LOVE all three of your layouts. I especially love the photo of Josh in the ocean. Very cool.

~dawne said...

Beautiful layouts glad to see some of your work, but sorry to hear about the job. Keep your chin up.....maybe something better will come along:)

Kristi Smith said...

5:45!!! I never see 5:45 . . . thankgoodness. I can't imagine driving that far to work either. Although Matt drives 2-6 hours everyday for his job. Sorry, you are not liking it. I think you should keep searching for a job you like. It is not fun going to a job you don't enjoy. And I do believe there are enjoyable jobs!

Cute layouts, I was going to mention "nice placement of the wakeboard" and then saw your comment on it. lol I would have made you hold it horizontally if I would have been in the photo. ;)

Great layouts.

donnapiranha said...

Bummer about the job and the drive. I'm glad I work from home! Love the layouts. Very cute...wakeboard or no wakeboard.

What's so funny? said...

What was that, o'dark thirty? Me likey! Girl,that's what time I go to BED ;)

Do you have an ipod to plug 'n play in your car? I have fab songs that make the time pass.

Those digi layouts are so sweet. I'm considering getting that Bamboo by the holidays. I'll keep you posted....

It was so much fun seeing you again. Hard to believe it's been a year! Let's do it again soon!!!!!

Andrea said...

Looking great Pam! I just tagged you! Check my blog. :)