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Friday, September 5, 2008

Crayola Colors

Do you know your colors? I still have my box of 64 colors of Crayola's from when I was around 10 years old. Coloring was one of my favorite pastimes as a kid. I took this test to see how well I still knew the colors and I thought I did pretty well considering there were some colors I'd never even heard of!

I got all 64 named eventually but got 22 wrong first! LOL!

Here is the test:

Come back and let me know how you did!


1RadChick said...

You did better than I did. I missed 28. Some of those kid colors, okay, all of those kid colors, I'd never heard of!!!!! Cute quiz though.

How's the new job?


donnapiranha said...

You did better than I did too. I think I made 24 mistakes. I just kept trying until I got the right answer. I knew the old ones but not the new ones.

Amy Bleser said...

hahahaha! I'm terrible at this. I got 42 wrong! 42! And some of those were multiple on the same crayon. I can't remember which one it was that I actually got wrong 4 times.

I miss you! ((hugs))

Karen said...

Well, I finally got them all right after 25 mistakes. Eek! I thought I knew my Crayolas better than that!

Kimmy said...

The results are in: I only know the colors that come in a box of 8!!!!


Anonymous said...

It was those darn "kid's choice" colors that threw my score off. I got the same as you but dang those were hard (and not in my decade either).