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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Kendra!

Happy Birthday to one of the most talented and beautiful people I know in cyberspace. Kendra!
I've been a huge fan of Kendra's work since forever ago and now that I've gotten to know her too I feel very lucky. I hope to be able to meet her this fall in person along with Kristi, Lynette, Donna, Janette and some other very nice cyber friends who are getting together because Lynette is coming all the way from Australia! Now if I don't get a job I can't be in on any of the fun so I need all the job finding vibes and prayers sent my way pretty please!

OK and now on to the not so important stuff. I started the Couch to 5K running program last week (for the 2nd time!). I finished Week 1 and started Week 2 today. Today it's going to be over 100 and it had to be in the 80's and very humid when I went out. I thought I was going to cave but I actually did all the intervals! Yay me! Now the pine pollen is making the air green so later I should pay dearly for it but I did it!

The boys have 2 weeks of school left. If I don't get a job this will be my first time home with them for a vacation in 12 years. Well other than the week off here and there. I can't even imagine what we are gonna do with ourselves with no money! Thank goodness my neighbor has a pool and we have a Wii! LOL!

I am no applying for waitressing jobs. I have never waitressed in my life except at home! ;) But when I am turned down for Administrative Assistant jobs because I'm over qualified I'm not sure what luck I'll have getting a waitress job! So not fun!

I have picked up a few paying digital jobs where I make mini albums and quick pages for sale so that helps me have a little mad money for scrappy supplies. If you know of anyone that wants albums made send them my way! :) I'm still trying to figure out what I should try to sell on Ebay/Etsy so I don't ever have to go back to work! LOL! Fat chance of that!

So is that enough of an update for all of you? Hope so cause that's all I've got.

Have a great day!


Janette said...

Happy and positive vibes along with prayers you find a job. I wanna see you this fall! =)

Happy Birthday Kendra!

Kendra said...

Thank you Pam! You are so sweet. I do hope you get to come visit with us!!!

donnapiranha said...

Grrrr...what a drag! How about a factory job? Do they have factories where you live? Once I worked at a Daisy BB Gun factory for a week. Temp stuff. It was actually kind of fun! I enjoyed the repetitiveness of it all. Plus, my arm muscles got really strong from pumping BB Guns. At least it's fun to say that I did that! I sure hope something fabulous turns up!!!

donnapiranha said...

P.S. You still have two weeks of school left??? WILD. Ours were out two weeks ago. Does it drive the boys crazy?

1RadChick said...

Hi sweetie, Just stopping by to make sure you know I'm thinking about you.... Aren't there any hi tech temp agencies there? Augh..... My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. This HAS to work out soon!


Lynette van Barrelo said...

Woh! I saw my name and had to jump right on in when you said you WOULD come if you had a job!!!! OK... ohmmmm ooohhhhhmmmmm ooooohhhhhmmmmm job finding vibes... ooohhhhmmm...