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Friday, June 6, 2008

Dream Vacation?

What's your dream vacation? The one place you want to visit before you leave this earth? Mine is Australia. It's a huge place and I think I'd need at least a month there to see everything I want to see. It's the only other country I really really want to visit, I mean sure, Italy and Ireland would be nice but there is something about Australia that just pulls at me (and it's not just my cyber sister Jodene living there either). Sydney looks like a beautiful city, and of course there is Tazmania just because! Their beaches look heavenly too and then there are so many different animals to see, the kangaroos run around like squirrels here from what Jodene says. Granted there are also some very scary spiders and snakes and other poisonous stuff there but I think the Australian accents alone would get me over that hump! LOL!

So share with me where you want to go, you never know you could change my mind!

Happy Friday!


September said...

I want to retire to Hawaii, is that a big enough dream?

For a dream vacation, I'd truly love to go back to Europe and just wander all over Italy, seeing Tuscany, Florence again, Venice again, and all the other places I haven't been yet... sigh. I loved Italy!

Thinking of you, keep your chin up!

Jodene said...

Well you know you are welcome any time Pam :) But you would have to come to where I live to see the kangaroos, as there aren't any in Sydney (besides the zoo!).
In fact yesterday when I was checking my post office box, two of them scared the you-know-what out of me by jumping past right behind me! lol
I want to go the U.S and also Canada and Europe. Actually there are so many places I would love to go! But meeting my cyber friends over there is definitely first on my list :)

Karen said...

Australia was always at the top of my list too. Until recently. My parents just got back from Alaska and I must get there before I die. AND after watching Donna Downey's video from Italy last week, I really, really want to go there.

~dawne said...

I have 2 places........Japan because of my heritage & Hawaii because I LOVE the beach.

dawn said...

I would have to say Arizona and Hawaii. :-)

donnapiranha said...

I'm with you on Australia. It would be wonderful. Other than that...Italy for the artwork and sculpture. But I'm really an American girl. I'm happy to stay put and maybe take a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado every once in awhile.

Jheri said...

Being a Canadian and all I wanna see Arizona! I wanna stand on that long hi way when you can't see crap for miles an have my photo taken. just call me thelma.. or wait am I Louise?