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Friday, April 11, 2008

Landmarks? How well do you know them?

Me not too well, I got 70%. Check out this little quiz to see how well you do:

Happy Friday!


Karen said...

I got 80%. I missed Wrigley and of all things, the Alamo!

donnapiranha said...

Well I tried but my computer wouldn't load fast enough to keep my attention. So, I think I need to ride the short bus to landmark school.

Chris said...

I got 70%, but 4 of the photos only loaded about 25% so I had to guess from the top. I missed Wrigley, the Leaning Tower, and The Space Needle. I missed Niagra Falls, but I knew it and picked the wrong number. Fun quiz! Good thing they put some far out choices for answers or it could have been really hard!

kimmy said...

I got 60%. Guess I need to get out more!

Fun quiz!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You realize that by having me come clean your house you risk having most of your stuff thrown out? :)

My email:


Jolene George said...

I have not traveled so I know I would suck at this quiz. :o)
HHow is Lesley since the surgery? I hope the lump was successfully removed.
Have you heard back on the job interview yet?

~dawne said...

Welp, I only got 60%, which I didn't think was bad since I haven't seen some of these places. Shouldn't have changed a couple of my answers though:(

What's so funny? said...

Hi Pam!

Did you go on the bus tour? I didn't.

The store I was refering to was THE PAPER TREE. Check it out sometime!

Hope you're well!!!!!!

David said...

Sad. I got 50%. There were so few Canadian Landmarks. Wait a sec. Do we have any?
Fun and thanks.