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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back From Texas

It was a fun filled weekend with very little sleep but so worth it! I had a blast! Amy and her family are just wonderful and I couldn't have asked for anything more than the weekend I had with them!

Here are a few favorite photos from the weekend (I have lots of favs). I didn't take all of these as there were several cameras snapping. I took 400 myself though!

Amy and I at the LSS Crop Friday night:

The four of us at Dinner Friday night:

A log cabin at the Botanical Gardens Saturday

Amy and I sitting on a bench at the log cabin

Eli asked me to read him his bedtime story! So cute!

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE pink and that I am 'the princess' at home. Well Tammy found this Texas Tiara for me. The front of the hat has a rhinestone tiara that lights up on it! So stinking cute! Here is me in my Tiara with Tammy:

And couldn't leave this out. I got my pink cowboy boots! You can also see the lighted tiara in this one!

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who made this such a special memory!


Karen said...

So are you going to wear your boots when you go back to work? That ought to raise some eyebrows!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

That cowgirl hat is adorable! I want a lighted tiara hat!!! (stomping feet) :O)

The boots are really cute, too, I'd wear them! Looks like you had a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing your photos. Welcome back!


Cindy said...

Diggin' your tiara, girl. I think I'd like to go live in that cabin.

donnapiranha said...

Looks like you had a good time. I like your tiara. I would like to have a regular one...not a Texas one and I would wear it while I was doing the dishes and vacuuming.

Shawna said...

LMAO pink cowboy boots!!! Having all boys my love of pink has grown over the years too, and I'm totally the "princess" of my house too.
I think I need a tiara too! :)

Jodene said...

I am so glad you managed to get your pink boots Pam, they are gorgeous! And your Texan Tiara is very YOU!!
Great to hear you had such a great time.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I must say....the pic of you in the white shirt on the bench - you are one hawt momma!!

Jeesh girl...were men throwing themselves at you?

Hallie :)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hey Pam!

If you get a minute today, would you please stop by my blog? I tagged you for a meme. Of course, only if you feel like it!


kimmy said...

Glad you had fun in Texas! The boots are cute too!

Welcome back to the snow, sleet and freezing rain! Will it ever end?


~dawne said...

Oh wow Pam!! You look so happy in each much fun for you!! I LOVE, love, love the boots & hat.

Mary E said...

wow! love those boots!!!

dawn said...

YAY!! Pam is back! Looks like you had a BLAST! LOVE the tiara and the boots!! :-)

Leslie Ashe said...

OMGOSH! Your cowgirl hat/tiara is ADORABLE as are your new pink boots!!! Way to go Texan girl, way to go! :) Sorry you were a little too far for me to drive to say HI...come back!!!!! Glad you had fun, CUTE pics! :)

Kristi Smith said...

Looks like you had a good time!!! You look adorable!!! Love you in your pink tiara hat;).

1RadChick said...

OH MY GOSH. THOSE BOOTS! OMGOSH... Pam, they are DA BOMB. LOL (does anyone even say that anymore??) LOL Love them, and the Texas Tiara is adorable too!


Rachael Giallongo said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like you had a blast! LOVE the hat and boots!

Tammy said...

Your boots are too cute!