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Monday, February 4, 2008

My Job

So the Sweet Shoppe Blog post this week is for us to tell about what we do and since I'm job hunting I figured this is a great time to do it because you never know what prospective hiring manager is reading my blog right? ;)

So I work full time for a telecommunications company. It's a small company of about 500 people total between Massachusetts and India. I work as a Release Engineer. Which just means that I support software engineers and build software. We also version control the software and release it. It's also known in some parts as a Configuration Manager. I've been in this line of work since about 1997. I do not have an engineering degree. I kind of fell into my first job in this field because I had the right security clearance. I was asked to "help out" until they got someone with the right qualifications for the job cleared for the project. Well it turned out, I liked it, learned fast and asked my boss if I could stay in the position. The rest is history!

So if anyone needs a Release Engineer/Configuration Manager I'm your girl (and I'm even willing to relocate to warmer climates)!

Happy Monday!


kimmy said...

Glad that you will be in mourning with me (and probably most of New England). What a tough husband didn't smile all morning!


Tember said...

Good luck in your hunt... :) You'll find something fabulous!!!!

Kristi Smith said...

I don't really understand anything you do but it sounds like you are really smart;).

Also, where exactly is the company if it is between Massachusetts and India, because that is a long distance. lol sorry, couldn't help it.