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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse Anyone?

I actually stayed up to see the eclipse and I woke my boys up to see it too. I thought it was pretty cool. I tried to get some shots but they didnt' turn out too good. I kept getting two moons! Very weird! If anyone knows what the heck I was doing wrong I'd love to hear! These are the few photos that don't have the reflection and they aren't great but they are all I've got:
I tried with a flash and without, on a manual setting and played with the ISO. I did not use a tripod because my deck has about a foot of snow on it! And I used a 70-300 zoom lens. When I zoomed in the camera went all wonky and wouldn't even take a pic! It was very cool to see and since we won't see another until 2010 I'm glad I saw it!


Suzanne said...

Wow! Really cool photos Pam! It was cloudy here. TFS! :-)

September said...

Wow!!! You did great! It was totally cloudy at my house. :( We missed it.

Great job!


Kristi Smith said...

I did this too. I will send you a couple of my photos. Rozanne's son asked me to take some for him. Mine aren't great either, can't help you with what setting your camera should have been on. I did like you, did some in manual, but I didn't know what I was doing.

It was pretty cool.

donnapiranha said...

I saw just the beginning of it and we also had clouds! What's the dang deal with that!? Good job on your photos. Do you remember when Lynette took her kids outside to see the last lunar eclipse and they had all put sunglasses on? Haaaaa Cute.

~dawne said...

What awesome pictures Pam. I think they turned out great. Do you think the cold weather had anything to do w/the camera going wonky?

Karen said...

I was out taking pictures of it too. Mine are ok, but not as clear as I'd like. I looked online before doing it and they said to have the shutter speed slow and the aperature open. Because of that I had to use a tripod or the pics were blurry. In fact, even my hand pushing the button made it blurry sometimes and that's when I saw the "double moon" you mention. I think it's just the camera moving while the shutter is open?

My computer is messed up or I would send you one of my pics.

donnapiranha said...

I'd say tripod and then set the timer so that the camera has time to get steady again before it shoots the photo.

kimmy said...

I saw the eclipse too and it was amazing. Of course my husband took pictures of that!!!!

Great photos!


Lynette van Barrelo said...

Pam, the 2nd moon you are seeing is lens flash or reflection. You can't avoid it. Its like taking photos of someone blowing out the candles on their birthday cake - there will always be another set of candles somewhere in the pic.

Donna's right. Use a tripod and set the timer or use a remote. Large aperture, slow shutter speed.