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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend Recap

It wasn't the best weekend at the Bumbaca Residence. It all started out with having to get up and showered by 7am because the roofers were coming. Since my backyard is woods I don't have a shade on the bathroom window so if I wanted a shower I had to do it before there were two strange men and my neighbor outside my window on ladders! LOL!

I guess I should back up to 2 years ago this very same weekend. Michael was helping my neighbor George move a gigantic wood stove down to his basement. Well Michael was on the bottom and George and his son were up at the top when Michael's knee gave out on him and he tumbled down the stairs with the stove on top of him. A trip to the emergency room, a messed up hip and a broken ankle (nevermind the knee) is what we ended up with.

Now this same neighbor is working on our roof. At lunch time I say to him "George, do NOT fall off of my roof"! He says "Payback is a b*&CH". And we all laughed because it was funny. Well 2 hours later it was not so funny when there is an ambulance and the fire department in my driveway because George fell 20 feet from my roof onto my driveway! And is now in the hospital with a broken pelvis, tailbone and ankle (injuries sound familiar? if not read paragraph 2 again)!

So needless to say the roof did not get finished and George's two helpers had to come back to finish it. I was a bit nervous every time I heard any loud thuds until they were down from there!

On Saturday Michael was supposed to go and help our good friend John move some furniture down to his basement after the roof was done. Well due to the fact that Michael was in the hospital with George's wife most of the night it got moved to Sunday. Sunday morning I get a call from John's wife Lynne saying, tell Michael not to come because we are on the way to the hospital with John. He fell down the stairs and broke his kneecap. Nice huh, ended up having to have surgery Sunday night. So guess where we spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening... yep at 2 different hospitals! Not fun!

I'm hoping really hard for a nice quite 4 days off starting Thursday!

Have a great Tuesday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sounds like we should all avoid being near your family - everyone connected to you is getting hurt! :-)

I guess the week can only be better!!


donnapiranha said...

That's awful!!! Those are some serious accidents. MAN!

I have heard that you should word warnings with a positive spin, so rather than "Don't fall off the roof" you should say "Stay up on the roof until you're ready to come down." Something about saying "don't fall" puts the thought in their head of the very thing that you don't want them to do!

I know...I'm weird! I say that kind of stuff when I'm driving at night and don't want to hit a deer. I say to myself "Deer, please stay in the woods." The one time I forgot to say that, I hit a deer!

I hope you have a boring Thanksgiving with no trauma! Ha

Mary E said...


What!....I hope everyone recovers soon :(

dawn said...

OMG!!! That is AWFUL!!! I guess that is kind of like the old saying "Break a leg" , but NOT REALLY! I hope all heal quickly!!! :-)

karen said...

OMG! What a terrible weekend! I can't believe he fell off your roof onto the driveway. That is a long drop! I guess he's lucky he didn't hit his head? Wow, that's just awful.

I hope you all have a better Thanksgiving!

Lynette vB said...

This is NOT good... NOT good at all!

Hows the insurance?

Hope thanksgiving is good for you!

Lynette vB said...
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Janette said...

Oh pam sorry to hear this news. i always hate it when my hubby goes up on the roof to clean out the eaves.

As serious those Injuries were I'm glad they are still alive and well.

lauren grier said...

omgosh I can't believe he got hurt again.. poor guy! I hope he's ok!!

lauren grier said...

I just re-read and realized the first time was your hubby lol.. this time was your neighbor.. but Geeeez what bad luck you guys have!!!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Are you freaking serious????????? Thbat is like an Alfred Hitchcock movie!!!!!!!!!