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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Janette Inspired Layout

I tried very hard to do a "Janette" style layout because I just love her pages. I love the way she uses flowers and lace! Well I didn't succeed too well! LOL! But Janette thanks for the inspiration, your pages look way better than this!
I also did a couple of other pages over the rainy weekend. Along with lots of digi stuff! I'm teaming up with Melissa Bennett and doing Quick Pages with her fun designs. For you non-digi girls a QP is a digi page all done and all you have to do is insert your photos.

Here are a few links to the QPs if you are interested in seeing them:
Quick Page Set 1
Quick Page Set 2
Quick Page Set 3

And here are the other two paper pages I completed this weekend. Both are for the Disney album. The first one is from the Extreme Stunt Show at MGM. Jake got picked out of the audience to "drive" the $100,000 remote control car. After it crashed they showed him he wasn't really driving it! LOL! He loved it! The little arrow says "15 Minutes of Fame". The second one is from the Swiss Family Robinson House tour at The Magic Kingdom. Both of these pages were for a couple of the November challenges at 123-Scrap!

And my last fun bit is that I'm home with Jake today. He had a rash show up on his back and because he had been bitten by a deer tick a couple of weeks ago I was worried about Lyme Disease. Well the doc says it's not but it is Impetigo so he's on an antibiotic and home from school for 24 hours. The doc also found a totally unrelated spot of RingWorm! Ick! So some lotion for that! UGH! How do these kids come up with this stuff! Can you say "Wash your hands" a million times? Because that's what I'll be saying even more now!

Happy Tuesday All!


Janette said...

AWE Pam you made me smile and blush all at the some time. =) I'm so glad I could inspire you as you inspire me and so many other people! Love you layouts. Oh so pretty. Isn't lace FUN stuff to play with? I'm busy making christmas cards now. I'm even loving it! Have a GREAT day!!! HUGS!

dawn said...

Love your pages, paper and the QP's! They are all so pretty!! :-)

kendra said...

Hey Pam! Popping in to say HI! The Enjoy layout is my favorite! Very nice! And it doesn't hurt that there's lots of green. : )

Cats=ringworm. If Jake was playing with a cat, that might be your culprit.

donnapiranha said...

Those QPs are yummy. I can't pick a favorite. They are all wonderful!

Kristi Smith said...

I attempted to do a Janette layout too, I failed. I think I posted it on 2 peas and then removed it. LOL! I see the inspiration, it looks good! Mine was sad.

Believe me, Kendra knows about ringworm. =) I hope Jake is doing okay. Scary.

The 15 minutes of fame layout is funny, poor kid, I imagine he was nervous!!!

~dawne said...

Hey Pam...I love these new pages...they really are awesome!! Hope Jake gets to feeling better soon!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Girl, you are crankin out the good stuff!!!!!!!

Lynette vB said...

OMG!!! You just said "happy Tuesday" and I thought... its Tuesday morning here and you are at least 12 hours behind us so you must have posted early and everyone has responded early and now... I realise I am ONE WHOLE WEEK LATE!!!! I've been busy!

I love the green layout and Janette's stuff is always gorgeous! You've done well!

Sorry I can't click your links... girls got a zillion things to do... I really shouldn't be sitting blogging... but hey! its therapeutic! =D Have a great Tuesday!

Jolene George said...

Your layouts are so cute. I haven't made a layout in like... forever!...sigh.
Boys get all kinds of weird things, don't they.