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Monday, September 3, 2007

For Donna

Thank you all or the anniversary wishes! I've never had so many comments on my blog before! :)

And since Donna asked, here is a photo of us during our First Dance as Husband and Wife. Boy was I thin and young! :)

Happy Labor Day!


donnapiranha said...

THANKS!!!!!!! That is so cute! You guys both look like babies. Well, you know what I mean. You've both aged well too. Hee hee

Tammy said...

Pam - you haven't changed a bit! :)

~dawne said... sweet. Aren't you two a beautiful couple!!

Cindy said...

You got married when you were TWELVE?!?

(I think I'll start that rumor around cyberspace...the evidence seems to back me up here.)

Jolene George said...

Awww...Look how cute you both were. I think you both look even better now.

Jodene said...

What a great pic .. you do look so young and you haven't changed much at all! And I must say Michael has just got better with age ;)

Kristi Smith said...

AWWW, how cute. You know how to get lots of comments now don't you? Keep putting up photos of your hubby or keep having anniversaries. LOL!