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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School! 4 Days till Disney!

Yep, today is the first day of school! And yep, I forgot to take photos! UGH! I'm not a good scrapping mom at all! The boys were both so excited to go and I also gave them both haircuts today so it was a bit chaotic. My camera was not out in the open either so that helped me forget! Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow! LOL!
And only 4 work days till Disney! Woohoo! I can't believe it's finally here! We leave Saturday morning for Disneyworld! We are going to AAA to get our passes for Disney and SeaWorld tonight, I got a great deal on a set of new suitcases on Sunday and we went and bought Michael a ton of new clothes for the trip at Kohls so we are good to go except for the packing and rain ponchos. So Exciting!
And that's it for my post today. Have an awesome Tuesday!


Jolene George said...

Well now I don't feel so bad for not getting first day of school pictures this year. :o)

September said...

have a fantastic time at Disney! I guess this is the year for botched first day photos. First Jolene, then me, now you. LOL Oh well. Life goes on. :) I even bought papers to scrap it. LOL!!!! maybe I'll take one now. Who will know?

Lyneen said...

Have a great time... and keep the camera out!!!!! thanks for sharing ... love reading your blog!

Kristi Smith said...

You forgot to take photos! Pam! What kind of scrapper are you!?!?!? LOL! You were to excited about Disney!!! =)