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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2nd Day of School

and I've got a sick kiddo! Josh started puking at 9pm last night, ended at 1am. Needless to say he's missing the 2nd day of school! We are not off to a good start attendance wise considering he's going to miss all next week! OOPS!

Both boys loved school, loved their teachers and Jake was anxious to leave today! Hooray! Hopefully it stays that way throughout the year!

And since I don't have first day photos to share with you I thought I'd share the flowers that Michael got me for our Anniversary. He's so cute, he designed them himself, picked out the vase special and all the flowers on his own!
So pretty and some of my favorites in there! Love that vase with the daisies on it too! I think I'll keep him another 20 years or so!

And now I've got to go see how Josh is doing! Have a great day!


Tammy said...

Beautiful flowers! Sorry you have a sickie at home. He better hurry and feel better so he can go to Disney!

Cindy said...

Well shoot, that's the pits for both you and Josh. I hope he feels better very soon. Those flowers are gorgeous! Tell M to call D and give him some pointers, wouldja?

Kristi Smith said...

How sweet (the flowers not the puking)!!! Lovely arrangement. I hope everyone stays healthy for your trip that is always been my fear when we go on vacations. I have had a fever since Saturday, finally getting into the doctor today. AARGH!

Jodene said...

Poor Josh, I hope he's feeling better soon.
Those flowers are beautiful, and how cute is that vase! I love it :)

donnapiranha said...

I second Cindy's comment.....we need your hubby to give out some pointers! That's a pretty bouquet.

Sorry about the little puker. I hope he's doing better!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Gorgeous flowers! He did a great job!

Mary E said...

Oh happy anniversary!!!