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Monday, July 30, 2007

What Do I Do with Myself?

My boys are gone to Maine to spend the week with my in-laws on the lake and my good buds Rachael and Cindy are on vacation all week. What am I gonna do with myself without them to chat on the phone with and my boys to keep me occupied? Does anyone want to come and visit so my house isn't so quiet? LOL! It was so strange after Michael left this morning. I had no one to tell, "brush your teeth, wash your face, put some sunblock on", no lunches to make, and the house was eerie! You'd think I'd be doing the happy dance but I'm not! LOL!
Maybe I'll get some scrapping in! I've got to get to Staples for more in though because my printer ran out of Photo Magenta and Black yesterday. I had black but no PM! Dang I hate that! I'm gonna buy one of every color so I have them on hand! The one thing I am going to look forward to is if I need to stop and do any shopping this week I can and won't have to worry about being late for daycare pickup! Oh and I was folding laundry this morning because I was ready with 45 minutes to spare! So that's a plus! But I can't wait till Friday when we'll be heading up to Maine to see the boys.
Oh and I just talked to them both and they are having a blast already! It seems that my oldest Jake and his cousin Joey (there are 4 boys up there) were playing Tether Ball and that Jake may have given Joey a black eye already! So the excitement has already started! They are off to go tubing very soon (something I don't want to think about) becae it's a gorgeous day already up there. Funny it's pouring here!
Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Have a great Monday!


karen said...

I know how you feel missing them, but what a treat!! You MUST find time to do a few things just for YOU. Scrap, sleep a little later, enjoy an entire tv show with no interruptions, don't cook if you don't feel like it, and go shopping with no worries as to when you have to be home. Aaaahhh. Sounds like heaven to me!

donnapiranha said...

Well dang...I wish I were closer. I'd whisk you out for a girlfriend afternoon!!!

Shawna said...

Oh my gosh! you had better enjoy yourself or I'm going to come over there and trollomp you! :)
Take some time for you and RELAX! You'll have to tell us all what you did!