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Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Friday!

Woohoo! I was a bit under the weather yesterday but I am feeling a bit better today and I'm so glad the weekend is almost here. Just a few hours at work and two glorious days off! I am hoping to make it to my scrapbook room maybe at some point, other than to clean it before Chris comes! LOL! I really am cranking out the digi pages but its' just not the same! I need to get my hands dirty! :)

In the digi news, I did do three girly pages this week though! I love doing girly pages! I signed up for 3 photo swaps just so I could do them! And I totally hate doing swaps! I always stress doing someone elses photos! But at least with digi if the photo owner doesn't like the page they just delete it. It's hard to throw away all that awesome paper stuff if you don't like the page! ;)
Anyway, I swapped photos with girls from Shawna's CT and Traci's CT. I ended up with two on Traci's team because we had an uneven swap amount, and guess what, I was good with that, more girl photos for me! LOL! Here are the three pages I did:
First is Laura McGee's niece Hailey, she's a cute little blond! I used Traci Reed's Vibrant kit for this one:

Second was a photo of Meghan (flirtatousbrat)'s gorgeous daughter. And I barely even used pink on this one! I know I shocked myself too! LOL! I lifted this design from my good friend Cindy!

And lastly I got to do Maria LaFrance's adorable daughter Piper! So cute!

I actually finished 9 pages this week since Saturday! Not bad! I can't finish 9 pages at a weekend long crop when I do paper pages! LOL!
So that's it for me, I'll be back on Sunday or Monday! Have a great weekend all!


Jodene said...

Absolutely goreous layouts as always Pam!! Can't wait to see some new non-digi layouts too.

Like you I am hoping to get into my scraproom this weekend (other than to clean it) now that I am finished the new Harry Potter. Maybe I will even have something to post soon ;)

I Made This said...

Hey! Fabulous LO's!
I was wondering if you could email me please?! I cannot seem to find you email here...
I wanna chat to you about my Charity Kit...
Hope thats ok!
Claire x

candice said...

Pam, I'm sooo impressed w/ your that a word?? LOL Those are some fabulous layouts!!! Wow, 9 layouts??? Maybe I should start digi. :)

Lynette vB said...

Yes, you're inspiring me to do digi as well, Pam. I love the whole 'reusableness' of it all (is that even a word?)!! I'd probably be a hybrid scrapper though, cos I like things 3-dimensional.

Fabulous layouts! They're all fab but I like the last one the best. Hope your weekend went well! Its Monday morning here now!

Jolene George said...

those are all beautiful...and what adorable girls too!