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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Gotcha Page

The Digi Chick had a great weekend full of challanges and awesome prizes this weekend. I ended up winning two gift certificates from it. One for Natalie Braxton's store and one to The Digi Chick store so that was even better! Anyway, one of the challenges was to download a stock photo and make up a story about it. I knew exactly what photos I wanted to search for on Stock.xchng and had a lot of fun with my page. Here it is:

I also did a bunch of other things from the challenges they had, it was a very productive weekend digi wize. Granted my paper scrapping has really been slacking! I need to get down to my room and soon before I forget how! Plus there will be so much dust down there from lack of use I'll actually have to clean it! ;)

I get to see my good friend Chris this weekend so I'm very excited about that. Unfortunately it's not for a happy occasion that she is coming all the way from California, her Gram died and the funeral is back here. I am sorry about her Gram but she did live a very long life of 99 years and I'm very happy that she's coming to spend a day and night with me on Saturday! Can't wait! Not sure what we are gonna do but it will be great no matter what!
So that's it with me so far this week. I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!


Shawna said...

LOL! what a great page! that is too funny!

I Made This said...

That page is too cute...I love it Pam!

donnapiranha said...

Very CUTE....I would have never thought to do something l like that. Sorry about your friend's gram, but you're right, she has lived a long life and probably a very full one. Hugs to you!

Janette said...

Love, love, love that LO.
It's gorgeous!!!
Sorry about your friends loss. BUT I'm happy you get to visit with her. Hope you have a nice time.

Lynette vB said...

Pam, gorgeous layout! I wonder what it would be like to live in a beach house like that and so close to the beach! I also wonder what cleaning sand off the floors and sea spray off the window would be like too! ha!