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Monday, November 20, 2006

Short Week!

I'm only working two days this week! And it's a darn good thing because Typhoid Mary (as my boss calls me) strikes again! I came down with another cold on Saturday! Well I think what actually happened is the one I came down with last weekend just decided to hide itself for a little bit and I thought I was better but I actually wasn't and now I'm stinkin hacking again! YIPPEE! I've got to get myself back on vitamins and start exercising so I am not sick all darn winter!
I scrapped by my lonesome this weekend (thank for the invite Rach!) ;) And got two whole pages done. I've become a slow scrapper like my good pal Chris! ;) In my defense the first page had lots of stitching and embellishing so it did take some time but it should not have taken 2 hours! And the second page had a ton of hand stitching on it but also should not have taken as long as it did either!
I didn't get any digi stuff done as Saturday I cleaned the house and my Uncle visited in the afternoon. Friday night I was just lazy! I guess I'll have to do some tonight. MiYon has some fun brackets that I need to get shown out there.
So that's it for me, not much exciting! Hope you all have a great Monday! I'm off to work!


Jolene George said...

You poor girl...another cold! (or the same lingering one)I really hate colds and haven't had one yet this year, but since 2 people in the family do have them there is a good change I will soon. You need to be better by Thanksgiving, so you can try to enjoy it.
I would love to see the pages you did....especially since they took you longer than normal...that is a teaser to me. :o)

mumsascrappa said...

Hey Pam, Feel better soon!! Hope you enjoy your short work week and can get some rest! Happy Thanksgiving!

miyon said...

Are you feeling better now? Sorry I haven't been to your blog in a while but I've been doing some major life thinking. Have not been intentionally ignoring you!