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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nasty Little Buggers!

Ticks that is!
So yesterday the school nurse called me to come pick up Josh! There's a lot of that going around from my blog readings! ;) As I was working from home (thank goodness I can do this) my right arm starting hurting all of a sudden and it was like not a little pain it was a lot of pain quickly. So I pull up my sleeve and I see this nasty little tick embedded in my arm and this huge red circle all around where it is! Well I HATE ticks so I freak! And luckily Michael had just pulled in the driveway so I go running outside (in 35 degree weather with no shoes or coat) and say can you get this thing off of me! We come back inside and he pours alcohol on it to try to back it out (I hear cooking oil or vaseline works much better) and then he pulls it out with the tweezers (with me looking the other way) and then cleans up my arm. Can I tell you, my arm ached like an SOB for the rest of the night. I am talking not a little ache, like one of the worst shots you have ever had in your arm! I couldn't believe a little tiny bug could do this! Today the pain is pretty much gone except for right where the bite it. And of course I still have the creepy crawlies! NASTY!!!
Today is also my last day of work until Monday! Woohoo! I have so much fun stuff planned! Tomorrow the boys are getting haircuts and then it's Xmas Photo Shoot time! Then I'm going to work on my xmas cards. I only have to make a pie and a green bean casserole for Turkey Day so that will take under an hour on Thurs morning. Friday it's Christmas decorating and cleaning and then the rest of the weekend I'll be scrapping and watching some movies I want to see! Yep, this girl will not be at any Black Friday sales I'll be hiding from the crowds!
So that's it for me! I hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day and safe travels to anyone hitting the roads!


Anonymous said...

Ticks are the worst! I've never had one attach itself to me, but one have my sisters has several times. I would freak just like you did.
Your Thanksgiving weekend sounds absolutely wonderful!
Jolene...blogger doesn't know me again

Cindy said...

Great. Now my head itches.

MaryE said...

EWWWW. now your arm feels like mine kinda...

miyon said...

I was raised in tick country and, believe it or not, have never been bitten by one. That would freak me out, too! Eep. Nasty. At least your DH came right in time to rescue you!! I don't think I could do it by myself.