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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to School, Another Anniversary, Building an Addition

So a lot has gone on in our house since my last update as you can see from my title! I guess I need to blog more often or I’m going to be writing books every time I update!

First off Michael and I celebrated 23 years of wedded bliss! Since we are doing the big addition project this year we kept it low key and spent the day on the boat with the boys and he brought me some roses. 

IMG_0376 Secondly Jake and Josh went back to school, I am officially the mom of a kid in high school now! I wasn’t home for the big day since I leave at o’dark thirty (5am) but Jake was good enough to document the day for me with one photo of each of them. Not exactly what I had in mind but I’ll take it as it’s better than I would have got which is zip!

Here they are in all their happiness about going back to school…

IMG_9611 IMG_9613

School is in full swing, they are both doing well. Josh is playing soccer, doing karate and on the student council. Jake is playing baseball. So needless to say, I have no free time!

And last but not least, we have started the garage side of our addition. The foundation is in!

IMG_0385 Hopefully the floor will be poured sometime this week and then the framing will begin. We hope to have it all done before the winter. Well I hope so I don’t have to clean snow off my car or trudge thru it ever again!

On the scrapping front, my friend Patty and I got together a few weeks ago to make Cards for Soldiers. We got about 50 done between the two of us on a Sunday afternoon. This past weekend I spent sorting all the cards I had received and packing them to ship them out, there were 2500! I have 8 boxes to go to the Post Office today! Pretty Awesome!  And I did a page last night for the first time in months! I honestly think the last time I actually made a page was back in May when I went away to a crop! It felt good! I didn’t finish until late so I haven’t scanned so I can’t share.

Oh and the last thing I wanted to share is a very talented blogging friend of mine Kimberly Geshwin is an awesome font maker and she is offering up a pretty cool deal. So if you have a fun and funky handwriting that you’d love to see made into a font, go and check this post out…, it’s for a very good cause!

OK, that’s enough for now, I have to hop in the shower. Have a great week!

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Jodene said...

Wow, how grown up do the boys look! They really look thrilled to be going back to school huh ;) LOL

Your roses were beautiful, I wish I could grow them like that!

Well done on getting all of those cards done in one afternoon, I'm impressed!