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Sunday, February 28, 2010


And a heck of a storm it was! It came in howling late Thursday night and our power went out about 11pm. It stayed out until about 5pm last night. Luckily after last years ice storm we invested in a small generator so we didn’t lose any food and had heat and a few lights so we were luckier than most. They said there were 300,000 people in New Hampshire without power and I believe it. This is what my front yard looked like and when I ventured out on Friday the roads and other yards looked much worse.

We made the best of it like last year and the neighbors got together again and had a good time. Mom and I also did some shopping at the scrapbook store to prepare for our scrapping weekend the end of April since we got more rain than snow and the driving wasn’t bad. Although we are in for another storm tonight so we will have to see what that brings.

I also packaged up 700 Cards for Soldiers, went to the laundr-o-mat for the first time in 20+ years and stayed off the computer for 2 whole days! 

Now I’ve got to go get my clothes ironed for work tomorrow and see about some dinner! Have a great night!

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Amy C. Bleser said...

Hi there! Love the layouts you did. The picture of the tree with the snow is gorgeous!

So what are you and your Mom doing for National Scrapbooking Weekend? I'm jealous!

How's Sadie?