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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

3 weeks 4 days till Disney

I got my Birnbaums Official Guide and also the "Unofficial Guide" books in the mail yesterday! Jake started reading the Official Guide before bed! I have put together a spreadsheet of Park Hours and Schedules for the week and now we need to decide which "Special" to do, whether it be a Character Breakfast, Dine with Shamu, Luau, etc. I am voting for Shamu but we'll have to see how everyone else in the family sees it!

This is our first time to Disney with the boys and Michael and I haven't been there since our 5 year anniversary in 1992 so I can't wait! There are a few things I'm not looking foward to like who will go with the boys on the 'hell' rides and some stuff I won't mention on my blog for fear of who reads it that I don't know about! ;) But all in all it should be a blast!

If anyone has any 'must see' things or something special you want to mention if you've been there please do!

And for the next three weeks and 4 days you may see a lot of counting down!

Happy Tuesday!


Carol said...

Way cool, that will be a great trip!

And the answer to your question...yep, it's allowed. ;) LOL!

Tammy said...

How fun that you are going to Disney - "world" I presume? I have only been to DisneyLand and my fondest memories are of the Tiki Room. In fact, I can still sing part of the theme song. I also loved the country bears but I don't know if they still have them there.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Oh my gosh..... can I borrow the books (and spreadsheets) when you are done?? I am SO excited for you and can't wait to hear every detail!

Jolene George said...

Oh how fun! That is going to be such a great vacation for your family. I vote for shamu.

donnapiranha said...

A friend of mine made herself some 3 x 5 cards of the things they wanted to do when they went there. Her husband made fun of her for being too organized but she figured this was the only time she'd be there and didn't want to forget to do anything. I thought it was a good idea. She had a plan so they weren't just wandering around aimlessly!

Janette said...

Oh how fun! Love it at Disney. Our girls loved it too. We took them in
1997 at Christmas time. I would never go again that time of year. It was too busy. I say check out Animal Kingdom it's awesome. So how many more sleeps? You got to do the sleep count down! :)

Kristi Smith said...

I missed this one! Sounds like fun. Give Mickey a kiss from me.=)