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Monday, April 9, 2007


I won a TV! On Friday afternoon at work! What a great way to end the week! We had a bunch of vendors in, Verizon Wireless, a gym, the Credit Union, Costco and Dell! Well there was a drawing for a 26" LCD flat screen TV and I won! I couldn't believe it! Here is a photo of my very cool prize!
We put it in our bedroom and it's awesome!
In other news we had a great day yesterday, with a hunt for very full Easter baskets and then 75 eggs. Then off to my Godmother's house where there were 13 of us for dinner and about 10 more came in for dessert. It was a great afternoon and we were all wiped when we got home. I got some great photos of the hunt and the basket opening but can you believe I didn't take a photo of my boys looking all neat and clean in their easter outfits! And Jake was even sporting a new "DO" too! What was I thinking? I also ate way too much and today is the beginning of a serious diet! I have got to lose about 15 pounds and start exercising no excuses! After a photo DH took of my with my cousins yesterday I realized how flipping much weight I have gained and I do not like it at all! So that was the only bad part of yesterday, that reality slap. I haven't decided if I'm going to do WW or South Beach yet but I am starting off today with a hard boiled egg and a cheese stick so it will work for either! ;)

And that's all my ramblings for today! Have a great Monday!


I Made This said...

Oh my goodness! How fortunate...I bet you are chuffed!

Cindy said...

WHOA! That's what I call LUCKY! Hm, trying to think of a good page kit for you to use to scrap a photo of it, hmmmm.... LOL! Congratulations and WTG!

Debbie said...

How cool is that?! Congrats!

I wish you were closer so I had someone else to force me to diet too. I am sooo not doing well in that area. This weather isn't helping at all.

Tammy said...

congratulations on the new TV!

Kristi said...

Congrats, that is exciting. Good luck on the dieting. How much Easter candy is in the house?=D I need to hurry up and eat it all so then I can start working out. LOL!

Jolene George said...

How cool is that Pam! I'm so happy for you...and YOU deserve to win that awesome TV.
...and I think you are beautiful!

karen said...

That is so cool about winning the TV! I bet your hubby is also pretty happy. ;-)

Good luck on the weightloss. It's a neverending battle that I'm so so sick of. I had actually lost a couple of pounds before our major pigout on Easter Sunday. And I'm sitting here eating leftovers for breakfast that are definitely not on SBD or WW!! AAAGHH!

Lyneen said...

WOW COngrats on the TV... good luck with the diet... I find I need structure!!! YIKES!