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Sunday, April 1, 2007

DSS Blog Challenge

I need to blog about something has given you a feeling or experience of adventure lately for the Digi Scrap Shak April 1 Blog challenge! I have to say that I can't think of one thing! I'm not a very adventurist type. The closest thing I can say is that I used real cardboard on a paper page because I love using it on my digi pages so much I had to see if I liked it as much IRL! LOL!

I've got my first sketch challenge up over at DSS starting today! I hope enough people like the template to do my challenge! I'm no Rachael Giallongo or Jen Caputo! Love you girls! ;) I'm taking it over for another girl that's about to have a baby and has too much going on to keep it going so hopefully the members will be OK with the change! I'd be pretty sad if no one did it!

We went out to get Easter clothes and eggs today. Just boiled them and we'll color them later I think, depending on how the boys are getting along! Man all they do is bicker! I am so not used to it! Being an only child I had no one to bicker with! UGH! I also picked them up some rubber boots to play in the mud with! They are water and mud magnets so I figured the boots would be better than having to wash sneakers once a week!

OK, I'm off to do some digi stuff! Have a great Sunday!


queenbusick said...

hmmm I saw some adventure in there!

Jolene George said...

I haven't bought any Easter stuff yet. I thought the boys were too old, but Cole said he still wanted to do eggs and stuff so I guess we will.
Boys bicker all the time...makes me crazy! Why do you think I ask for peace in my home at any gift giving opportunity. :o)
I love the pages pretty!

Lisa said...

I haven't seen your sketch challenge yet! Must have a look :) Graet blog entry!