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Thursday, February 19, 2009


The insurance company finally approved my MRI!!! I have no idea when it will be yet but we are headed in the right direction! YAY!

I scrapped on Sunday. Got one whole page done before a nasty stomach bug kept me on the couch whining. Here is the one page I got done:


It snowed again here in NH. Thankfully school is not cancelled and we only got 3 inches or so. I guess we had to be reminded it’s still winter or something, I mean we haven’t had a storm in like 3 weeks! Happy Thursday all!


Kristi Smith said...

That is great about your MRI!!! Great layout, I am still wondering if I will ever scrap again!

Melinda said...

Good news on the is the knee feeling?

Rachael said...

Your page is great! Sorry to hear about the stomach bug! :(

Jodene said...

I am so glad to hear you don't haver to wait much longer for your MRI Pam, that is great news!