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Friday, December 26, 2008

This is what happens

when you buy me a vacuum for Christmas:

Seriously, Michael had a little scuffle with a big box with a 40lb machine in it and ended up in the ER on Christmas Eve getting stitches. I think the box won, what about you? Hey at least he let me take his pic for once! :)

Christmas Eve was fantastic as always starting off with the big fish feast at my Godmother's house and ending at my bff's mom's house. Traditions since I can't remember when! Then we came home where the boys opened up their Christmas PJs. Unfortunately Jake doesn't stop growing so he had to resorts to last year's pants but Josh looked adorable in his!We had a great day yesterday, lots of awesome food, company and presents. Can ask for more than that. We all got just what we asked for and more and spending the day with my two uncles and my cousin was awesome!
I made Espresso and Waffles for Breakfast today with my new coffee maker and waffle iron. Yummo! The boys are now playing with their new Wii game and Michael is doing maintenance on my car, guy can never sit still! I plan on cleaning the house at some point today but it can wait a bit!

I hope Santa was good to everyone! Have a great weekend!


1RadChick said...

Ok, I love how your blog looks right now! I used these papers in my Journal Your Christmas album. :)

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, but I'm SO sorry your DH got injured. It looks really painful. :(

Merry Christmas a day late!


Tammy said...

How awful about your DH! Hope he is feeling better. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Rachael Giallongo said...

What kind of vaccum? I would LOVE another Kirby! How is Michael feeling?? Oh, and I love your new look on the blog!

Jheri said...

oh wow ..a box and a dh.. who would of known... Glad he's ok.
Love ya christmasy blog touch.

Mary said...

Oh darn your poor dh, I'm glad he's ok and it wasn't worse.
Love all the family photos you have on display ;)

donnapiranha said...

Well, sorry about this little mishap. If he ends up with a scar it'll look sexy! ;-)

Jen Caputo said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What a mean box that vacuum came in. Poor Michael :(

Kendra said...

Oh my! I'm sorry I laughed but your intro was funny!!! Hope he's healing OK.

Your blog looks awesome Pam.