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Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's November? Where is the time going?

So it's 40 something more day until Christmas and just a few more than that till 2009! I have no idea where this year has gone. I think being laid off for almost 5 months may have had something to do with that. So yeah, I had a pretty busy year and some good and some bad times but I am looking forward to seeing what all the changes this year will bring. Yeah the election has something to do with that. I won't get into who I voted for cause I didn't. I was home sick with the Flu and just didn't want to get out of bed to go and vote! I know that's a bad thing but one vote really doesn't matter. Yeah, if everyone said that it would matter but I normally do vote, heck I voted in the Primary but sometimes things get in the way.

October was a busy month for me, I went to an LSS and scrapbooked with Mary and Sharon (who is always great for a laugh) for the first time in 6 months. I went to Kansas City and met 9 wonderful women w
ho I've known online for some time now. We laughed, we ate, we laughed, we shopped, we laughed and did I mention we laughed? I have done a couple of layouts about the weekend, one I like, one not so much. They were both done for Creative Team assignments.
This one has a self portrait in the front and yeah I am in there, just in the back and since I'm short you can't see me. LOL! And some other photos from the weekend. We went to a Cider Farm and did a corn maze and poor Candice who is pregnant I thought was going to hurl. The smell of manure and fermenting cider just is not a pleasant smell! Heck I'm not pregnant and I thought I would hurl. We also never found but one of the 6 checkpoints in the maze before heading out a side exit. LOL! We went to an Archivers which was so cool and I of course spent too much money for someone who hasn't scrapped in 6 months! We also ate at Cheesecake Factory, YUM!

This photo is in front of the restaurant where Donna's wonderful husband Jeff treated us to some fabulous bbq too.THANK YOU FARMER JEFF! Isn't that a group of beautiful ladies! I'm so happy I met each of them.

My only regret that weekend was that I didn't get to Donna's farm and see all the kitties, baby cows and everything else that a few of the other girls got to experience.

I also got to meet one of my digi scrapping friends, Sara while I was there. I spent an evening with her and her family which was an added bonus to my trip.

There was one bad part to my trip, I got sick on the plane the last leg back. I have never ever been sick on a plane and let me tell you it is NOT fun. Those darn bathrooms are so flipping small! I thought I would not make the flight I tell you!

So what else, we had the boys birthday's in October, Jake turned 13 and Josh turned 10. Another place I ask where the time has gone! I have a teenager? ACK! And my baby is in double digits! Double ACK!
Then there was Halloween and it was the first year Jake didn't trick or treat with us. He went out to a friends house and they did their own thing. So many changes.

Speaking of changes... I left all of my digital creative teams but two. I am also guesting for someone whose team I started out on when she first started designing but I cut them way back considering I was on 10! I miss them all and so does my paypal but I just couldn't give them the time they deserved. Plus I felt like all I did was scrap for assignments and not for me.

OK well I've put off cleaning the house long enough. I just thought I'd give you all an update on me.
Have a great weekend!


Lynette van Barrelo said...

Yes, the weekend was a good one!

I didn't know you were sick on the plane! Was it something you ate? Poor thing!

So glad we got to meet!

Kristi Smith said...

Great layouts Pam!!! Very cute!

Sorry you got sick! I can only imagine how yucky that would be on a plane!

donnapiranha said...

Love the layouts...very cute!

You had to remind us of how close Christmas is!!! EEK. I won't be ready. I never am.

momto4boys said...

Hey Pam, great have been busy girl!!!! Love your layouts (as usual you have done a fantastic job!!!) Sick on a plane...YUK!!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, apart from the trip home. Great layouts!

Kresta said...

Sounds like a fun trip except for the getting sick part! Great pages too!

Lena said...

It's so hard to leave your CT's but I understand sometimes it has to be done. Heartbreaking but sometimes life has to come first!

Tracy said...

Great catch up! Sorry about the plane sickness, but it sounds like the trip was well worth it!

MelissaL88 said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend...OK, except for the very end when you got sick. How fun it must have been to meet some digi friends IRL.

~dawne said...

These layouts are wonderful Pam. I think the 2nd is my fav though. Sorry to hear you got sick....from someone who gets sick ALL the time, I know it's not fun!!

Melinda said...

Go you on already making layouts of the weekend. I know Donna is going to kill me because I have not even uploaded the pics to her site yet. Note to self to get on that tonight!
That stinks about being sick on a plane...I have had that happen several times and it is no fun..I feel for you.
Glad to have met you and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

scrappysue said...

awesome layouts pam!