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Friday, July 25, 2008

Going on a Road Trip

The boys and I are headed down to NY to visit with my good bud Cindy and her family. We are staying the weekend and maybe more if we all get along! ;) Cindy thinks she is going to teach me how to knit and while I laugh at this I shouldn't laugh too hard as she is the ONE that got me into Digi Scrapping! ;)

I had an interview that went pretty well on Wednesday. They did have more candidates to interview this week and next but I am hoping I'll come back to good news. If y'all could send me some hiring vibes I'd appreciate it!

When I get back the boys are headed to Maine for a week with my Inlaws and I have no idea what I am going to do with myself being all alone for a week. It's been 4 months since I got laid off and they have been home with me every day since the end of June! I am gonna miss them! At least I'll have Michael when he gets home from work!

I hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend and I'll see you sometime next week!


mary e said...

hey girlie! I'll take a ride and hang out with you when your all lonely ans stuff :)

Chris said...

Well, dang. I picked the wrong week to visit, LOL. Have fun with Cindy!!

dawn said...

I am sending you BIG TIME possitive vibes!! I hope it goes well for you!! Enjoy your road trip and I hope to see you soon! :-)

Jheri said...

Hope you have an great visit.. and you know .. knitting isn't all that

sending good work vibes your way!!

Kendra said...

Hope you have a good time Pam. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Kendra said...

Uh, I have my fingers crossed on the job, not the trip!!!

September said...

oh I hope you had a FABULOUS time away. I'm praying you get the job.... totally sending out good thoughts. :)



donnapiranha said...

Positive vibes heading your way for the job.
Your trip sounds fun. I learned to do a basic knitting stitch when I was a kid and then I could make a pot holder. You never know, you might be able to start your own pot holder business!

Kristi Smith said...

I hope you had a good time. And I am sending positive vibes your way.